Мануал по squid на

мануал по squid на

Автор темы. Всем дорый день. Ребята поделитесь ссылкой на хорошее руководство по squid на русском языке. Заранее всем спасибо. How to use Squid ? A support about our weather forecast software, here. How to set up a combo of Squid, Apache squid MediaWiki on a single server is outlined below. It is possible to use a more complex caching. Squid configuration directives.

On this page you find all Squid configuration directives. For full documentation see the respective release configuration guide. Disclaimer: This manual is NOT a Squid tutorial. Инструкция ису 152 does not, for example, take the reader through step-by-step details of Мануал installation and configuration.

To configure Squid, adjust the directives in the configuration file. Squid is normally configured according to the requirements of a given network. Настраиваем squid. Общая настройка сквида чаще всего не вызывает сложностей. Сложности обычно вызывают три вещи - настройка ACL (access.