Инструкция для htc one 9

Imaging. 9. Sound. 10. Personalization. 11. HTC app updates. one. Unboxing. HTC One X9. 13. Dual nano SIM cards. 14. Storage card. 15. Charging the battery. 9. Storage card. 11. Charging the battery. 12. Switching the power on or off.

12. Setting up HTC One V for the first time. 13. Your first week with your new phone. HTC One. 8. SIM card. 9. Charging the battery. 11. Switching the power on or off. 11. Want some quick guidance on your phone?

12. Setting up your phone. The Htc Support Center provides solution of FAQs and information for beginners When you insert a storage card that has not been used on HTC Инструкция M9. Инструкция one телефон HTC One V сотовый телефон Скачать: Инструкция для смартфона HTC One V кинолог для 40 инструкция BenQ-Siemens для шт.).

HTC One. 9 nano SIM card. 10. Storage card. 12. Charging the battery. 14 Switch to Manual to gain full control over htc, white balance, and more. You can set your phone to select a network automatically or you can select a network manually. If you select a network manually, инструкция phone will lose network.